Welcome to Planet Plan

    The super easy Mind Map and Project Plan tool

    Complex projects are complex. No project management tool in the world can change that. But it can make complexity transparent and collaboration fun. And it can take way additional work, stupid data input and other anoying stuff.

    With PlanetPlan meetings are prepared, without preparing them. And the team is always up to date without browsing through endless list of topics.

    Its Simple, Free and Secure

    That's PlanetPlan. Its lightweight, very simple to use, totally free and super secure. You can end-2-end encrypt your valuable data. So please don't loose your project passwords, we can't do anything to get your data back.

    From Scrum to Anarchy - No matter which methodology you prefer (And even if you don't prefer any) - Planet Plan helps you to get a clear overview during all phases of your project. You always have everything in a single view. The mind-map like structure helps your brain to navigate complexity.

    Have fun!